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Creating SmartArt
Figure 3-30
SmartArt graphic with Text Pane displayed
tabs for working
with SmartArt
Tex t Pane
click to close
the Text Pane
placehol der text
click to close the
Tex t Pane
click to open the
Tex t Pane
border around
graphic indicates
SmartArt graphic
is selected
The Text Pane is useful for complicated graphics containing many parts. However,
the Equation graphic is simple enough that you can type the text directly in the
circles, so you will close the Text Pane.
7. Click the Close button
in the upper-right corner of the Text Pane.
Now you are ready to add text to the graphic.
To add text to the SmartArt graphic:
1. In the blue circle on the left, click the [Text] placeholder text. The placeholder
text disappears and the insertion point blinks inside the left circle. The
dottedline rectangular border, with circles and square handles, indicates the shape is
selected. See Figure 3-31.
Trouble? If the circle is selected, but the placeholder text is still visible, you
clicked the circle, but not the placeholder text within the circle. Repeat Step 1,
being sure to click the placeholder text.
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