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Creating SmartArt
Figure 3-31
Entering text in the SmartArt graphic
insertion point
border indicates
that blue circle is
2. Type Energy Audit . The font size gets smaller as you type to accommodate each
new letter without increasing the size of the circle.
3. Click the [Text] placeholder text in the middle circle, type Repairs and
Upgrades , click the [Text] placeholder text in the right circle, and type Lower
Utility Bills . The right circle remains selected.
Trouble? If you make a typing mistake, click the circle containing the error and
edit the text as you would ordinary text, using the Backspace or Delete keys as
4. Click in the white area inside the SmartArt border to deselect the right circle. The
equation now reads “Energy Audit + Repairs and Upgrades = Lower Utility Bills.”
You want the graphic to fi ll the page. To resize the entire SmartArt graphic, you drag
its border.
To adjust the size of the SmartArt graphic:
1. Zoom out so you can see the entire page. As you can see on the ruler, the
SmartArt is currently about six inches wide.
2. Position the mouse pointer over the lower-right corner of the SmartArt border.
The pointer changes to .
Trouble? If the pointer changes to , you haven’t positioned the pointer
correctly over the lower-right corner. Reposition the pointer until it changes to
3. Drag the pointer down and to the right. As you drag, the pointer changes to a
crosshair . A rectangular outline moves with the pointer, showing how the dimensions
of the SmartArt border will appear when you release the mouse button. The size of
the graphic won’t actually change until you release the mouse button.
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