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Adding Headers and Footers
into sections like the Energy Report document, you can choose to create a different
header or footer for each section.
For a simple header or footer, switch to Header and Footer view, and then type the
text you want directly in the header or footer area, formatting the text as you would any
other text in a document. To choose from a selection of predesigned header or footer
styles, use the Header and Footer buttons on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab (or
on the Insert tab). These buttons open galleries that you can use to select from a number
of header and footer styles, some of which include page numbers and graphic elements
such as horizontal lines or shaded boxes. Some also include document controls that
are similar to the kinds of controls (text boxes, list boxes, etc.) that you might
encounter in a dialog box. Most of the document controls you’ll see in headers and footers are
text boxes, where you can enter pertinent information such as the document title or the
name of the document’s author. Any information that you enter in a document control
is displayed in the header or footer as ordinary text, but it is also stored in the Word fi le
so that Word can easily reuse it in other parts of the document. For example, later in
this tutorial you will create a cover page for the report. Word’s predefi ned cover pages
include document controls similar to those found in headers and footers. So if you use a
document control to enter the document title in the header, that same document title will
show up in the cover page; there’s no need to retype it.
You will next create a footer for the whole document (sections 1 and 2) that includes the
page number and your name. As shown in Figure 3-33, you’ll also create a header for
section 1 (pages 1 through 3) that includes the document title and the date.
Figure 3-33
Plans for headers and footers in the report
Section 1 consists of pages 1
through 3; it will have its
own header, c ontaining the
date and your name
Section 2 consists of page 4;
it will not have a header
section 1 and will have the 2
same footer, c ontaining the
page number and the
document title
First you will create the footer on page 1, so you can see how the footer fi ts below the
footnotes at the bottom of the page.
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