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Adding Headers and Footers
To create a footer for the entire document:
1. Change the zoom level to Page Width, and then scroll up until you can see the
bottom of page 1.
2. Double-click in the white space below the footnotes. The document switches to
Header and Footer view. On the Ribbon, the Header & Footer Tools Design tab
appears. The insertion point is positioned on the left side of the footer area, ready
for you to begin typing. The label “Footer -Section 1-” tells you that the insertion
point is located in the footer for section 1. The document text (including the
footnotes) is gray, indicating that you cannot edit it in Header and Footer view. The
header area for section 1 is also visible on top of page 2. The default footer tab
stops are visible on the ruler. See Figure 3-34.
Figure 3-34
Creating a footer
Header & Footer
Tools Design tab
document text is
unavailable for
default footer
tab stops
insertion point in
footer for section 1
header area for
section 1
3. Type your first and last name, and then press the Enter key. The insertion point
moves to the second line in the footer, aligned along the left margin. This is where
you will insert the page number.
4. In the Header & Footer group, click the Page Number button. The Page Number
menu opens. Because the insertion point is already located where you want to
insert the page number, you will use the Current Position option.
To change the numbering
style for a page number or
to specify a number to use
as the first page number,
click the Page Number
button in the Header
& Footer group, and
then click Format Page
5. Point to Current Position . A gallery of page number styles opens. Robin wants to
use the Accent Bar 2 style.
6. Click the Accent Bar 2 style (the third from the top). The word “Page,” a vertical
bar, and the page number are inserted in the footer.
Next, you’ll check to make sure that the footer you just created for section 1 also
appears in section 2. To move between headers or footers in separate sections,
you can use the buttons in the Navigation group on the Design tab.
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