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Adding Headers and Footers
When you create a header
for a section, it doesn’t
matter what page you’re
working on, as long as the
insertion point is located
in a header in that section.
4. In the Navigation group, click the Previous button. The insertion point moves up
to the nearest section 1 header, which is at the top of page 3. The label “Header
-Section 1-” identifies this as a section 1 header.
5. In the Header & Footer group, click the Header button. A gallery of header styles
opens. See Figure 3-36.
Figure 3-36
Header gallery
click to display
Header g allery
drag vertical scroll
bar to review all
header styles
6. Scroll down and review the various header styles, and then click the Conservative
style (eighth from the top). A horizontal line is inserted in the document. The
placeholder text “[Type the document title]” appears above the line. The
placeholder text “[Pick the date]” appears below the line.
7. Click the [Type the document title] placeholder text. The placeholder text
appears within a document control. See Figure 3-37.
Figure 3-37
Adding a header to section 1
placeholder text
closes Header
and Footer view
document control
indicates you
are working in
the header for
section 1
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