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Adding Headers and Footers
8. Type Parkside Energy Audit As soon as you begin typing, the placeholder text .
and the blue highlight disappear. The text, “Parkside Energy Audit,” is displayed
in the document control. Next, you need to add the date. The heading style you
selected includes a date picker document control, which allows you to select the
date from a calendar.
9. Click the [Pick the date] placeholder text to display an arrow in the document
control, and then click the arrow. A calendar appears, as shown in Figure 3-38. In
the calendar, the current date is outlined in orange.
Figure 3-38
Adding a date to the section 1 header
click the placeholder text
to display the arrow…
…then click the arrow to
disp lay the calendar
click to display
an earlier month
click to display a later
current date is
highlighted; your
current date will
be different
10. Click the current date.
11. Click anywhere in the Section 1 footer (on the preceding page) to deselect the
date document control. You are finished creating the header and footer for Robin’s
report, so you can close Header and Footer view and return to Print Layout view.
12. In the Close group, click the Close Header and Footer button, save your work,
and then drag the Zoom slider left until you can see all four pages of the
document, including the header at the top of pages 1–3 and the footer at the bottom
of pages 1–4. See Figure 3-39.
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