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Inserting a Cover Page
Figure 3-39
Document with new header and footer
no header on page 4
header on pages 1–3
footer on pages 1–4
Finally, you need to insert a cover page for the report.
Inserting a Cover Page
A document’s cover page typically includes the title and the name of the author. Some
people also include a summary of the report on the cover page; this is commonly
referred to as an abstract. In addition, you might include the date, the name and
possibly the logo of your company or organization, and a subtitle. A cover page should not
include the document header or footer.
To create a cover page, you can use the Cover Page button on the Insert tab. The Cover
Page button inserts a cover page with a predefi ned style at the beginning of the document.
The cover page includes document controls in which you can enter the document title,
the document’s author, the date, and so on. These document controls are linked to any
other document controls in the document. For example, you already entered “Parkside
Energy Audit” into a document control in the header of Robin’s report, so if you use a
cover page that contains a similar document control, “Parkside Energy Audit” will appear
on the cover page automatically. Note that document controls sometimes display, by
default, information entered when either Word or Windows was originally installed on
your computer. If your computer has multiple user accounts, the information displayed in
some document controls might refl ect the information for the current user. In any case,
you can easily edit the contents of a document control.
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