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Inserting a Cover Page
To insert a cover page at the beginning of the report:
1. Verify that the document is still zoomed so that you can see all four pages, and
then press the Ctrl+Home keys. The insertion point moves to the beginning of the
2. Click the Insert tab, and then click the Cover Page button in the Pages group. A
gallery of cover page styles opens. Notice that the names of the cover page styles
match the names of the preformatted header styles you saw earlier. For example,
the list includes a Conservative cover page, which is similar in design to the
Conservative header used in this document. To give a document a coherent look,
it’s helpful to use elements (such as cover pages and headers) with the same style
3. Scroll down the gallery to see the cover page styles, and then locate the
Conservative cover page style (second style in the second row.)
4. Click the Conservative cover page style. The new cover page is inserted at the
beginning of the document.
5. Change the Zoom level to One Page . The Company document control, at the top
of the page, is selected. In the middle of the cover page, the report title “Parkside
Energy Audit” appears, which you previously entered into a document control
in the document header. The cover page also contains the current date from
the header. It also includes an Author document control which displays “Robin
Hunter,” the Author for the document. The cover page also includes a document
control for a subtitle and a document control for an abstract giving a brief
document summary. See Figure 3-40.
A document’s Author is
listed on the Info tab in
Backstage view. By default
this will be the user name
for the account that
was used to create the
Figure 3-40
Newly inserted cover page
Company document control;
the placeholder text on your
screen might differ
document title from
the header
Author document
date from the header
Abstract doc ument control
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