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Inserting a Cover Page
You need to edit the information in the Company document control at the top of
the page.
6. Change the Zoom level to Page Width , click to the right of “PARKSIDE” in
the Company document control, press the spacebar , and then type Housing
Coalition . The organization name appears in all upper case letters, because that
is the formatting for this document control. Next you will remove the document
subtitle placeholder because you do not need it for this cover page.
7. Click the [Type the document subtitle] placeholder text to select the Subtitle
document control, and then click the blue Subtitle label on the control to select
the entire document control. The Table Tools contextual tabs appear on the
Ribbon because, although you can’t tell by looking at them, the document
controls are actually organized on the page in a table structure. When you clicked the
Subtitle document control, you clicked within the table. See Figure 3-41.
Figure 3-41
Selected document control
Table Tools contextual tabs
appear when a document
control is selected
organization name
click to select the
entire document
To delete a cover page
that you inserted from the
Cover Page gallery, click
the Cover Page button
in the Pages group, and
then click Remove Current
Cover Page.
8. Press the Delete key. The document control is removed from the cover page.
9. Scroll down, click the Author document control, and if necessary, replace the
contents of the control with your first and last name.
10. Scroll down, delete the Abstract document control, and then save the document.
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