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Session 3.2 Quick Check
Creating a Simple Cover Page Manually
To create a simple cover page for a report, insert a Next Page section break at the
beginning of the document, being sure to adjust the header and footer settings so the
header and footer do not appear on the cover page. Type the title and other
information you want to include on the cover page, and format it appropriately. If you want the
cover page text to appear centered on the page, click the Dialog Box Launcher in the
Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab, click the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog
box, click the Vertical alignment arrow, and then click Center.
Your work on the report is fi nished. You should preview the report before closing it.
To preview the report:
1. Click the File tab to open Backstage view, and then click the Print tab. The cover
page of the report appears in the document preview in the right pane.
2. Examine the document preview, using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the
pane to display each page. Make sure that the header is only visible on pages 2–4,
and that the footer is visible on pages 2–5. Also, notice that Word renumbered the
pages to account for the addition of the cover page, which is the new page 1.
3. If you need to make any changes to the report, return to Print Layout view,
edit the document, preview the document again, and then save and close the
You now have a draft of Energy Report document, including a cover page, the report
text, a nicely formatted table, and the SmartArt graphic (in landscape orientation).
Session 3.2 Quick Check
1. True or False. There are default tab stops every one-half inch on the horizontal ruler.
2. Explain how to create a footnote.
3. What button do you use to insert a section break, and where is it located?
4. True or False. By default, Word assumes that the text you type in a header should
be used only for the header on that page.
5. Explain how to create separate headers for section 1 and section 2.
6. Explain how to delete a document control.
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