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Review Assignments
Apply the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: Training.docx
In conjunction with a local community college, Robin Hunter has organized a series of
computer training classes for Parkside residents to be held in the Parkside community
center. She has begun work on a report for the board that outlines basic information
about the classes and introduces the instructors. You need to format the report, add a
table at the end containing a preliminary schedule, and create a sample graphic that
Robin could use in a handout advertising the classes.
Complete the following:
1. Open the fi le Training located in the Word3\Review folder included with your Data
Files, and then save it as Training Report in the same folder.
2. Use the Navigation pane to promote the headings “Equipment Needs” and
“Schedule” to Heading 1 text, and then move the “Schedule” heading and its body
text to the end of the document.
3. Insert a page break before the Schedule heading, and then at the bottom of the
new page 2 create a table using the following information. Format the header row
in bold.
Start Date
April 20
The Internet
March 30
Spreadsheets and tables
January 20
Computer literacy
May 15
June 8
Simple Web programming
4. Sort the table by the contents of the Start Date column in ascending order, keeping
in mind that you are sorting dates and not text.
5. In the appropriate location, insert a new row for a class on word processing that
starts on February 15.
6. Delete the “Simple Web Programming” row at the bottom of the table.
7. Modify the widths of both columns to accommodate the widest entry in each.
8. Apply the Medium Shading 1 – Accent 1 built-in table style to the table, and then
change the document theme to Equity.
9. On page 1, replace the text “[instructor names]” with the following list of
instructors and their specialties. Insert a tab after each name, remembering that the list of
specialties won’t align properly until you complete Step 10. Remember to press the
Shift+Enter keys to insert a new line for each name without adding extra space:
Kristina K. Connelly-Brown Word processing
Carl Morales Multimedia software
Heinrich Burser Web design
Amelia Carolina Guntz Database design and SQL programming
10. Select the list of instructors and their specialties, and then insert a left tab stop
2.5 inches from the left margin.
11. Below the heading “Equipment Needs,” locate the fi rst sentence of the second
paragraph, which begins “We need four more computers....” At the end of that sentence,
insert a footnote that reads The computers should run either Windows Vista or
Windows 7.
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