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12. Insert a Next Page section break after the table on page 2, format the new page 3
in landscape orientation, and then insert a SmartArt graphic that illustrates the
advantages of computer classes. Use the Continuous Block Process graphic from
the Process category, and, from left to right, include the following text in the
SmartArt diagram: Computer Education Technological Advantage , and New Career ,
Prospects . Size the SmartArt graphic to fi ll the page.
13. Create a footer for sections 1 and 2 that aligns your fi rst and last name at the left
margin. Insert the page number, without any design elements and without the word
“Page,” below your name.
14. Separate the section 1 header from the section 2 header, create a header for section 1
using the Conservative header style, enter Parkside Computer Training as the
document title, pick the current date, and then close Header and Footer view.
15. Insert a cover page using the Conservative style, delete the Company document
control, verify that the document title is automatically inserted in the cover page, enter
An Informational Report for the subtitle, enter your name for the author, verify that
the current date appears below your name, and then delete the Abstract document
16. Save and preview the report, and then submit the fi nished document to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
If you have a SAM 2010 user profile, your instructor may have assigned an
autogradable version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at to download the instructions and start files.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Noblewood.docx
Noblewood Textiles, Inc. As an assistant manager of Noblewood Textiles in San Diego,
California, you must help prepare an annual report for the board of directors.
Complete the following:
1. Open the fi le Noblewood located in the Word3\Case1 folder included with your
Data Files, and then save it as Noblewood Report in the same folder.
2. Use the Navigation pane to promote the headings “Children’s Knitting Hour” to
Heading 2 text, and then move the “Company Philosophy” heading and its body text
up before the “Goal” heading.
3. Select the list of members under the heading “Board of Directors,” and then insert
a left tab stop with a dot leader at the 4-inch mark. ( Hint : Click the Page Layout tab,
and then, in the Paragraph group, click the Dialog Box Launcher, click the Indents
and Spacing tab if necessary, and then click the Tabs button at the bottom of the
dialog box to open the Tabs dialog box.)
4. Near the middle of page 2, at the end of the paragraph below the heading “Summer
Fiber Art Festival,” insert the following endnote: NetMind Solutions currently hosts
our Web site.
5. On page 1, at the end of the paragraph below the heading “Company Philosophy,”
insert the following footnote: Boardman Fabrics is our statewide competitor.
6. Move the insertion point to the blank paragraph at the end of the document, and
then insert a table consisting of three columns and four rows.
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