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7. In the table, enter the following column headers and data. Format the header row
in bold.
Projected January-June
8. Sort the table in ascending order by department.
9. Insert a row above the Garment row and enter the following information:
10. Adjust the column widths so each column accommodates the widest entry.
11. Format the table using the Light Shading- Accent 2 table style.
12. Create a footer for the document that aligns your name at the left margin and the page
number (in the Accent Bar 3 style) at the right margin. ( Hint : Press the Tab key twice to
move the insertion point to the right margin before inserting the page number.)
13. Insert a cover page using the Sideline style. Enter the company name, Noblewood
Textiles , and the title, Annual Report in the appropriate document controls. In the
subtitle document control, enter Prepared by Your Name (but replace “Your Name”
with your fi rst and last name). Delete the Author document control, and then insert
the current date in the Date document control.
14. Change the document theme to Austin and then review the changes that occur
throughout the document as a result, including the cover page and the table.
15. Save and preview the document, and then submit the fi nished document to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 2
Apply your skills
to create a report
on a municipal
wireless network.
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Network.docx
Report on a Municipal Wireless Network Like many communities, the town of Grand
Island, Nebraska, is considering a city-wide wireless (or WiFi) network to provide
lowcost Internet access for all residents. A task force appointed by the mayor has
investigated the issue and summarized its fi ndings in a report. As you format the report in the
following steps, you will create a cover page from scratch, without relying on predefi ned
elements provided by Word. You will also create and edit a SmartArt graphic to illustrate
the process of creating the network. Complete the following:
1. Open the fi le named Network located in the Word3\Case2 folder included with
your Data Files, and then save it as Network Report in the same folder.
2. Replace “Student Name” in the fi rst page with your fi rst and last name.
3. Use the Navigation pane to Promote the heading “Low Cost” to Heading 2 text, and
to move the heading “Summary” and the body text that follows it before the “Task
Force Members” heading.
4. Insert a Next Page section break just before the “Summary” heading.
5. Position the insertion point somewhere in the page 1 text.
6. Change the vertical alignment in section 1 to center. ( Hint : Click the Page Layout tab,
and then click the Dialog Box Launcher in the Page Setup group.)
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