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7. Insert a tab stop at the 2-inch mark in the list of task force members that appear on
page 2.
8. Change the section 2 header so it is no longer linked to section 1, move the insertion
point to the center tab stop in the section 2 header, and then type the header Grand
Island WiFi Report, Prepared by Student Name (replacing “Student Name” with
your fi rst and last name). Format the header text using the Intense Emphasis style.
9. Create a footer for just section 2 with a plain page number in the center. Use the
Format Page numbers command on the Page Number menu to format the page
number with a hyphen before and after it.
10. Insert a Next Page section break at the end of the document, and then format the
new page in landscape orientation.
11. Change the section 3 header and footer so they are no longer connected to section 2,
delete the page number fi eld from the section 3 footer, and then review the footers in
all three sections, verifying that section 2 still contains a page number fi eld. In the
section 3 header, drag the Center Align tab stop right to the 4.5-inch mark on the ruler, so
that the header text is centered over the page.
12. Insert a SmartArt graphic on the new page 4. In the Process category, select the
Upward Arrow graphic. Starting at the bottom of the arrow and moving up, enter the
text Hire Networking Firm , Construct Network , and Sell Broadband Rights . When
you are fi nished, keep the “Sell Broadband Rights” text box selected.
13. On the SmartArt Tools Design tab, in the Create Graphic group, click the Add Shape
button arrow, click Add Shape After, and then type Sell Network Subscriptions .
14. Click anywhere in the white area of the SmartArt Graphic, inside the border, to
deselect the text, and then resize the graphic to fi ll the page.
15. Change the document theme to Essential, and then review the document’s new look.
16. Save the document, preview it, and then submit the fi nished document to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 3
Go beyond what
you’ve learned to
convert text into
a table and use
other advanced
table options.
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: New.docx and Table.docx
Contact List for Parson’s Graphic Design Amanda Parson recently launched a new
graphic design fi rm that specializes in creating Web ads for small businesses in the
Seattle area. A colleague has just emailed her a list of potential clients. The list consists
of names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Because it was exported from another
program, the information is formatted as simple text, with the pieces of information
separated by commas. Amanda asks you to convert this text into a table and then format the
table to make it easy to read. When you’re fi nished, she needs you to sum a column of
numbers in her Offi ce Expense table. Complete the following:
1. Open the fi le named New located in the Word3\Case3 folder included with your
Data Files, and then save it as New Clients in the same folder.
2. Use Word Help to learn how to convert text to a table. ( Hint : Search on “Add or
delete a table” and then read the “Convert text to a table” topic.) Use what you learn
to convert the document to a table with 4 columns and 6 rows. Adjust the column
widths to accommodate the widest entry in each column.
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