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Figure 3-42
Sketch for dark sky protocol sheet
Astronomical Society
Personal Items
Turn off flashlights.
Turn off all interior lights before
Shield computers with red foil.
Turn off headlights.
Shield all lights for charts and
confine them to the target area.
Park so backup lights are not
required upon exit.
Most people need 30 minutes to achieve optimum night vision. Accidental
exposure to light from cars, computers or flashlights means the period of
dark adaption must begin again. Some individuals can tolerate small
amounts of red light without significant vision degradation, as long as the
light source is dim and does not shine into the eyes. For more information,
see Sarah Vernon.
Complete the following steps:
1. Open a new, blank document, and save it as Herschel Society in the Word3\Case4
folder included with your Data Files.
2. Change the document’s orientation to landscape.
3. On the Insert tab, click the Table button, and then click Draw Table at the bottom of
the Insert Table menu. The Draw Table pointer (which looks like a pencil) appears.
You drag this pointer horizontally or vertically to create a straight line, and
diagonally to create a rectangle.
4. Click in the upper-left corner of the document (near the paragraph mark), and then
drag down and to the right to draw a rectangle that stretches to the right and bottom
margins. The rectangle should be a little less than nine inches wide and six inches high.
5. Use the Draw Table pointer to draw the columns and rows shown in Figure 3-42. For
example, to draw the column border for the “Dark Sky Protocol” column, click the
top of the rectangle where you want the column to begin, and drag down to the
bottom of the rectangle. Use the same technique to draw rows. (If you make a mistake,
use the Undo button. To delete a border, click the Eraser button on the Table Tools
Design tab, click the border you want to erase, and then click the Eraser button again
to turn it off. Click the Draw Table button to turn on the Draw Table pointer again.)
6. Press the Escape key to turn off the Draw Table pointer.
7. In the left column, type the text Dark Sky Protocol . With the pointer still in that cell,
click the Table Tools Layout tab, then in the Alignment group, click the Text Direction
button twice to position the text vertically so that it reads from bottom to top. Using
the formatting options on the Home tab, format the text in 36-point font. Click the
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