Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 4.1
The Clip Art but ton opens the
Clip Art task pane.
The newsletter’s headline is
an example of WordArt.
A drop cap is a large letter at
the beginning of a paragraph.
Word treats a drop cap like a
graphic, which means you can
click it to select it, and then
resize the drop cap by
dragging its handles.
You can edit a photo to
remove the background,
leaving only a simple image,
like this apple.
Desktop publishing is the
process of preparing
commercial-quality printed
material, such as the
newsletter shown here,
using a desktop or laptop
computer. Using Word, you
can create documents that
have elements of desktop
publishing, such as special
font treatments, graphics,
and page layout options as
well as design elements
such as page borders.
In desktop-publi shed documents,
text is commonl y arranged in two
or more columns .
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