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Inserting Drop Caps
Keep in mind that you can modify columns as you work on a document by
changing the number of columns. You can also return the document to its original format by
formatting it as one column.
Inserting Drop Caps
Like newspapers and magazines, newsletters often include special design elements,
called drop caps, which draw the reader’s attention to the beginning of an article or
paragraph. As you saw earlier in the Session 4.1 Visual Overview, a drop cap is a large,
graphical version of a letter that replaces the fi rst letter of a paragraph.
You can place a drop cap in the margin, next to the paragraph, or you can have the
text of the paragraph wrap around the drop cap. Joel asks you to create a drop cap for
each of the four body paragraphs that follow the level 2 headings. The drop cap will
extend three lines into the paragraph, with the text wrapping around it.
To insert drop caps in the newsletter:
1. Change the Zoom level to Page Width, and then move the insertion point to the
paragraph below the heading “Preventing Type II Diabetes.”
2. Click the Insert tab, and then click the Drop Cap button in the Text group. The
Drop Cap menu opens.
3. Move the mouse pointer over the In margin option and then the Dropped option,
and observe the Live Preview of the two types of drop caps in the document.
The default settings applied by these two options are fine for most documents.
Clicking Drop Cap Options, at the bottom of the menu, opens the Drop Cap
dialog box, where you can select more detailed settings. See Figure 4-3.
Figure 4-3
Drop Cap menu
Drop Ca p button
Insert tab
opens Drop
Cap dialog box
Live Preview of
Dropped style
4. Click Dropped on the Drop Cap menu. The Drop Cap menu closes, and Word
formats the first character of the paragraph as a drop cap. The blue box with square
selection handles around the drop cap indicates it is selected.
To change the size of the
drop cap, drag the sizing
handle in its lower-right
5. Click in the paragraph following the heading “Get the Ball Rolling,” and then
repeat Steps 2 and 4 to insert a drop cap in that paragraph.
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