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Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
6. Insert a drop cap in the paragraph following the heading “Eat Smart.”
7. Insert a drop cap in the paragraph following the last heading, “Risk Assessment,”
click anywhere in the text to deselect the drop cap, and then save your work.
As Joel looks over the newsletter, he notices that in the last paragraph he uses the
name Healthlife, which is a registered trademark and needs to appear with the registered
trademark symbol (®) next to it.
Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
In printed publications, it is customary to change some of the characters available on the
standard keyboard into specialized characters or symbols called typographic characters .
Word’s AutoCorrect feature automatically converts some standard characters into
typographic characters as you type. For instance, as Joel typed the paragraph under the
heading “Preventing Type II Diabetes,” he typed two hyphens after the phrase “be delayed or
prevented.” As he began to type the rest of the sentence, “if you act in time,” Word
automatically converted the two hyphens into a single, longer character called an em dash.
Figure 4-4 lists some of the character combinations that AutoCorrect automatically
converts to typographic characters. In most cases you need to press the spacebar and
type more characters before Word inserts the appropriate typographic character. If you
don’t need the typographic character inserted by Word, click the Undo button to revert
to the characters you originally typed.
Figure 4-4
Common typographic characters
After you press the spacebar,
Word converts to
To insert this symbol or character
em dash
Copyright symbol
Trademark symbol
Registered trademark symbol
1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , etc.
Ordinal numbers
1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
1/2, 1/4
½, ¼
<-- or -->
Most of the typographic characters in Figure 4-4 can also be inserted using the
Symbol button on the Insert tab, which opens a gallery of commonly used symbols, and
the More Symbols command, which opens the Symbol dialog box. The Symbol dialog
box provides access to all the symbols and special characters you can insert into a Word
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