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Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
• Move the insertion point to the location where you want to insert a particular symbol
or special character.
• Click the Insert tab, and then, in the Symbols group, click the Symbol button.
• If you see the symbol or character you want in the Symbol gallery, click it. For a more
extensive set of choices, click More Symbols to open the Symbol dialog box.
• In the Symbol dialog box, locate the symbol or character you want on either the
Symbols tab or the Special Characters tab.
• Click the symbol or special character you want, click the Insert button, and then click
the Close button.
Joel forgot to include a registered trademark symbol (®) after “HealthLife” in the last
paragraph of the newsletter. He asks you to add one now, using the Symbol dialog box.
To insert the registered trademark symbol:
1. In the paragraph below the heading “Risk Assessment” at the bottom of the right
column, click to the right of the word “HealthLife” to position the insertion point
between the final “e” and the comma.
2. Click the Insert tab, if necessary, click the Symbol button in the Symbols group,
and then click More Symbols . The Symbol dialog box opens.
3. If necessary, click the Special Characters tab. See Figure 4-5.
Figure 4-5
Symbol dialog box
trademark symbol
4. Click Registered to select it, and then click the Insert button.
5. Click the Close button to close the Symbol dialog box. Word inserts an ® symbol
as a superscript character immediately after the word “HealthLife.”
Next, you need to add the graphics to the newsletter. You will begin by creating a
headline for the newsletter, using WordArt.
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