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Using WordArt to Create a Headline
Figure 4-6
WordArt gallery
click to open
WordArt gallery
this style
5. Click the WordArt style Fill – Orange, Accent 6, Warm Matte Bevel . The gallery
closes, and a text box containing WordArt placeholder text appears over the
document text. The placeholder text is selected, ready for you to replace it with
something new. The Drawing Tools Format tab appears as the active tab on the Ribbon,
displaying a variety of tools that you can use to edit the WordArt. The anchor icon
to the left of the first paragraph of the document tells you that the WordArt text
box is currently anchored to, or attached to, that paragraph. See Figure 4-7.
Figure 4-7
WordArt text box inserted in document
Drawing Tools
Format tab
anchor icon
placeholder text
border and handles
indicate the text box
is selected
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