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Wrapping Text Around a Graphic
Working with Inline Graphics
A document containing inline graphics is hard to work with because every time you
edit the text, the graphics move to a new position. You can change an inline graphic to
a floating graphic by applying one of the text wrap settings to it. You will learn more
about this later in the session when you insert and work with clip art.
Now you need to adjust the text wrapping for the WordArt in the newsletter. The
Arrange group on the Drawing Tools Format tab contains two useful tools for
controlling the way text wraps around all graphical objects, including WordArt. You can use
the Position button to position the WordArt or graphic in one of several preset locations
on the page (top left, top middle, top right, and so on) and to wrap the document text
around it. You can also use the Wrap Text button, which allows you to move the WordArt
or graphic after you wrap text around it, and allows you to choose from a number of
wrapping options. (The Wrap Text button also appears in the Arrange Group of the
Picture Tools Format tab, for working with photos and other graphics.)
Now you will use the Wrap Text button in the Arrange group of the Drawing Tools
Format tab to select an appropriate text wrap option.
To wrap the newsletter text below the WordArt object:
1. Click the WordArt to select it. The WordArt border and the anchor icon appear,
and the insertion point is positioned in the WordArt. Also, the Drawing Tools
Format tab is now visible.
2. Click the Drawing Tools Format tab, and then click the Wrap Text button in the
Arrange group. A menu of text wrapping options opens, with the default option
In Front of Text selected. See Figure 4-9.
Figure 4-9
Wrap Text menu
use this button to move the graphic to
a new position on the page and wrap
text around it
use this button when graphic is already
located in the correct position and you want
to use more advanced wrapping options
default wrap
setting for
3. Click Top and Bottom . The document text moves down, so that the first
paragraph, “Shepherd Bay Medical Center,” begins immediately below the bottom
border of the WordArt text box. See Figure 4-10.
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