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Resizing WordArt
Figure 4-10
WordArt with Top and Bottom text wrap setting
WordArt is still
anchored to the
first paragraph
document text now
starts below the
WordArt textbox
Now that the document text is wrapped below the headline, you can continue to
modify it in several ways. First, you will increase its font size, and then center it at the
top of the page.
Resizing WordArt
When resizing WordArt, you need to consider both the font size of the text and the size
of the text box that contains the WordArt. You change the font size for WordArt text just
as you would for ordinary text, by selecting it and then choosing a new font size using
the Font size box in the Font group on the Home tab. If you choose an especially large
font for a headline, you might also need to resize the text box to ensure that the resized
text appears on a single line. To resize a text box, you drag the text box’s handles.
To change the font size of the WordArt text:
1. Verify that the WordArt is selected, and then click the Home tab.
2. Drag the mouse to select the WordArt text Healthy Living , click the Font Size
arrow in the Font group, and then click . The WordArt text increases in size. 48
To delete WordArt, click
the WordArt text to
display the dashed line
text box border, click the
text box border again so it
appears as a solid line, and
then press the Delete key.
Moving WordArt
Joel wants you to position the WordArt so it is centered above the shaded box at the top
of the newsletter. You can move a WordArt text box to a new location by dragging it.
To move the WordArt text box down and center it:
1. Move the mouse pointer over the bottom border of the WordArt text box. The
pointer changes to
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