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Applying WordArt Styles
Inserting Clip Art
As you saw in the Session 4.1 Visual Overview, you can add premade illustrations
known as clip art to your documents. Clip art comes in all forms of media, including
video, audio, and photographs. A small collection of clip art is included on your
computer with your installation of Word, and you are free to use it in your documents. You
can also download more clip art from the Microsoft Web site, Offi
To search for and then insert clip art in your document, you use the Clip Art task pane.
In the Search for box in the Clip Art task pane, you enter words or phrases, known as
keywords , that describe the image, sound, or video you need. Each of the clip art fi les
included with Word is associated with a set of keywords. For example, clip art of a car
might have the keywords “car” and “racing” associated with it, and if the clip art is a car
going down a road, additional keywords might be “road” and “driving.” If you search
using any one of these keywords, that image will appear in your results, along with
images of cars not on a road and images of cars without drivers.
After you insert clip art into a document, you can resize it, drag it to a new location,
and wrap text around it using the same techniques you used when editing WordArt.
Joel asks you to insert clip art of a doctor in the last paragraph, below the heading
“Risk Assessment.”
To insert clip art into the newsletter:
1. Click at the beginning of the fourth to last line of the document, which begins
“health questionnaire…”.
2. Click the Insert tab, and then click the Clip Art button in the Illustrations group.
The Clip Art task pane opens, as shown in Figure 4-17. The Search for box on your
computer might be empty, or it might contain text from a previous search. You
want to search for clip art of a doctor.
Figure 4-17
Clip Art task pane
click to begin your searc h
click to open the
Clip Art task pane
when sele cted,
your sear ch includes
clip art available on
type keyword here; your
Search for box might
already contain text from
a previous search
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