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Applying WordArt Styles
3. Click in the Search for box, delete its contents if necessary, and then type doctor .
4. Make sure All media file types appears in the Results should be box. This ensures
that your search will include results for all media types.
Trouble? If All media file types does not appear in the Results should be box,
click the arrow and click the All media file types check box to select it, then click a
blank area of the Clip Art task pane to close the menu.
5. Deselect the Include content check box, if necessary. This ensures that
only clip art stored on your computer will be searched.
6. Click the Go button. A clip art graphic of a doctor appears in the Clip Art
task pane.
7. Click the doctor clip art . The clip art is inserted as an inline graphic, at the
current location of the insertion point, in the middle of the last paragraph, as shown
in Figure 4-18. The text moves to make room for the clipart, but does not wrap
around it, because the clip art is an inline graphic. The clip art is selected, as
indicated by its border with handles, and the Picture Tools Format tab is available and
active on the Ribbon.
Figure 4-18
Clip art inserted in document
Picture Tools
Format tab
border and
handles indicate
clip art is selected
click to insert
in document
text m oves to
the clip art
8. Close the Clip Art task pane.
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