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Cropping a Graphic
Occasionally you will encounter clip art that comes with preset text wrap settings, so
it appears in your document as a fl oating graphic. However, most clip art images appear
as inline graphics, like the doctor graphic you just inserted in the newsletter. In this case,
then, you need to change the clip art’s text wrap setting to make it a fl oating graphic.
Before you do that for the doctor clip art, you need to modify the graphic by cropping it
to adjust its size and shape.
Cropping a Graphic
Word offers two ways to adjust the size of a graphic such as WordArt, clip art, or
a photo—you can resize it, using the techniques you learned earlier with resizing
WordArt, or you can crop it. Cropping a graphic means cutting off part of the graphic.
For example, you could crop an illustration of an ice cream cone by cropping off the
cone, leaving only the ice cream itself. Word also offers several more advanced cropping
options; of these, the one you’ll probably use most often is cropping to a shape, which
means trimming the edges of a graphic so it fi ts into a star, oval, arrow, or other shape.
Once you crop a graphic, the part you cropped is hidden from view. However, it
remains a part of the graphic, in case you change your mind and want to restore the
cropped graphic to its original form. To begin cropping a graphic, you click the Crop
button in the Size group on the Picture Tools Format tab.
You’ll crop the bottom and sides of the clip art to focus on the doctor’s face, and then
crop it a second time to an oval shape.
To crop the bottom and sides of the clip art:
1. Scroll up slightly if necessary so you can see the top border of the clip art.
2. Verify that the clip art is selected, and then, in the Size group, click the Crop
button. Dark black sizing handles appear on the clip art’s border.
3. Position the pointer directly over the middle sizing handle on the bottom border.
The pointer changes to
4. Press and hold down the mouse button. The pointer changes to
5. Drag the pointer up and down to see how the bottom portion of the clip art
disappears and reappears, depending on the location of the pointer.
Trouble? If the picture shrinks instead of being cropped, you accidentally
dragged a sizing handle instead of the black cropping handle in the middle of the
bottom border. Undo the change, and repeat Steps 3 through 5.
6. Drag the pointer to the doctor’s waist, as shown in Figure 4-19.
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