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Cropping a Graphic
Figure 4-19
Cropping the clip art
Crop button
as you drag the pointer
up, the bottom portion of
the illustration disappears
7. When the clip art looks like the one shown in Figure 4-19, release the mouse
button. The bottom portion of the clip art is no longer visible. The original border
remains, indicating that the cropped portion is still saved as part of the clip art, in
case you want to undo the cropping.
8. Drag the middle handle on the right border to crop the right side of the clip art to
just before the doctor’s elbow, leaving a small amount of the dark green
background visible.
9. Crop the left side of the clip art so that it matches the crop you made on the
right side.
10. Click a blank area of the document to deselect the clip art, and then save the
document. See Figure 4-20.
Figure 4-20
Cropped clip art
You can also crop a graphic to a specifi c shape.
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