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Cropping a Graphic
To crop the clip art to an oval shape:
1. Select the clip art, and then click the Picture Tools Format tab.
2. In the Size group, click the Crop button arrow . The Crop menu opens.
3. Point to Crop to Shape to display a gallery of shapes. Joel wants to use the oval
shape, under the heading “Basic Shapes.” See Figure 4-21.
Figure 4-21
Selecting a crop shape
oval shape
4. Under Basic Shapes, click the Oval shape. Word crops the edges of the clip art to
an oval shape, as you can see by looking at the bottom border of the clip art. You
can add a border to the clip art to make its new shape more evident.
To change the clip art’s
colors, click the Color
button in the Adjust
group on the Picture Tools
Format tab.
5. In the Picture Styles group, click the Picture Border button . A simple border,
in the default blue color, appears around the clip art. See Figure 4-22.
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