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Cropping a Graphic
Figure 4-22
Clip art cropped to an oval shape
Picture Border
oval shape,
with border
Trouble? If a color palette appears, you clicked the Picture Border arrow instead
of the Picture Border button. Press the Escape key to close the palette, and repeat
Step 5.
Now that the clip art has been modifi ed, you need to position it properly on the page
by changing its text wrap setting.
To change the text wrap setting for the clip art:
1. Verify that clip art is selected, and then, in the Arrange group, click the Wrap
Text button. A menu of text wrapping options appears.
Make sure you separate
drop caps from clipart and
photos by at least one full
line of text to avoid text
wrapping issues.
2. Click Tight . The paragraph text wraps to the right of the clip art, roughly
following its oval shape. An anchor symbol appears near the beginning of the
paragraph, indicating the clip art is now a floating graphic anchored to this
paragraph. See Figure 4-23.
Figure 4-23
Text wrapped around the clip art
anchor symbol
indicates the floatin g
graphic is attached
to this paragraph
Finally you need to move the clip art to the right side of the paragraph.
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