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Session 4.1 Quick Check
3. On the Align menu, click Align Right . Depending on exactly where you positioned
the clip art when you dragged it in Step 1, it moves slightly left or right to align to
the right margin.
4. Click anywhere outside the clip art to deselect it, and then save your work.
Written Communication: Writing for a Newsletter
Photos, clip art, WordArt, and other design elements can make a newsletter very appealing
to readers. They can also be a lot of fun to create and edit. But don’t let the design
elements in your desktop-published documents distract you from the most important aspect
of any document: clear, effective writing. Because the newsletter format feels less formal
than a report or letter, some writers are tempted to use a casual, familiar tone. If you are
creating a newsletter for friends or family, that’s fine. But in most other settings—especially
in a business or academic setting—you should strive for a professional tone, similar to what
you find in a typical newspaper. Avoid jokes; you can never be certain that what amuses
you will also amuse all your readers. Worse, you run the risk of unintentionally offending
your readers. Also, space is typically at a premium in any printed document, so you don’t
want to waste space on anything unessential. Finally, keep in mind that the best writing in
the world will be wasted in a newsletter that is overburdened with too many design
elements. You don’t have to use every element covered in this tutorial in a single document.
Instead, use just enough to attract the reader’s attention to the page, and then let the text
speak for itself.
Joel asks you to add another graphic to the newsletter—this time, a photograph. In the
next session you will add the photograph and modify it to improve its appearance. Then
you’ll fi nalize the newsletter and create the cover letter with mail merge.
Session 4.1 Quick Check
1. How would you format only part of a document in columns?
2. Explain how to open the menu that allows you to create a drop cap.
3. Explain how to create a WordArt headline.
4. True or False. The default text wrapping style for a WordArt text box is Tight.
5. True or False. By default, clip art is inserted as a fl oating graphic.
6. Explain how to crop a graphic.
7. Why should you align a graphic to the margin after moving it?
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