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Session 4.2
You can click the Start Mail
Merge button, then click Step
by Step Mail Merge Wizard to
open the Mail Merge task
pane, which takes you
step-by-step through the mail
merge process.
The Mail Merge task pane walks you
through the six steps of performing
a mail merge , which is the process
of creating customized documents
by combining information from two
separate files referred to as the
main document and the data s ource.
The options on the Mailings
tab c an also be used to
perf orm a mail merge.
The merge fields insert customized
information from the data source such
as a name or an address. You can
distinguish merge fields from the text of
the main document because each merge
field name is enclosed by pairs of
angled brackets like this: << >>.
The mai n document contains text, such as the text
of a business letter, as well as placeholders called
merge fields. During the mail merge, the merge
fields instruct Word to retrieve information from the
data source. For example, one merge field might
retrieve a first name from the data source; another
merge field might retrieve a street address.
The informatio n at the bottom
of the task pane indicates
where you are in the mail
merge process, and provides
links for navigating to a
previous step in the process, or
moving ahead to the next step.
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