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Editing Photographs
Figure 4-25
Dragging the Rotation handle
Rotation handle
copy of photo
moves as you d rag
the rotation handle
Rotation pointer
actual photo
3. Release the mouse button. The photo appears in the new, rotated position.
Dragging the Rotation handle is helpful if you want to position a photo on a
diagonal, or if its exact position doesn’t really matter. For more precise rotation options,
you can use the Rotate button.
4. Click the Undo button on the Quick Access toobar to return the apple to its
original position, with the stem pointing to the left.
5. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click the Rotate button in the Arrange
group to open the Rotate menu. As you can see in Figure 4-26, you can use
the first two options, Rotate Right 90° and Rotate Left 90°, to turn a graphic
90 degrees either right or left. The Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal options are
useful when you want to completely flip a photo, as if it were a transparency with
an image visible on both sides, and you were flipping the transparency over. In
this case, you just want to turn the photo 90 degrees to the right.
Figure 4-26
Rotate menu
turns a graphic clockwise
turns a grap hic
counter clockwise
flips a graphic
from top to
flips a graphi c
from one sid e
to the other
apple image is
turned on its
side; you need to
turn it clockwise,
to the right
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