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Removing a Photo’s Background
Figure 4-28
Marking an area to keep
click to mark the
purple areas you
want to keep
this dotted line
connects the spot
you originally clicked
to the pointer’s
current location
drag the pointer
up to here
click here, in a red
part of the apple
below the stem
8. Release the mouse button. The purple area around the dotted line reverts to the
colors of the original photo. A plus sign in a white circle appears on the dotted
line, indicating that you have marked that part of the photo as an area to keep.
9. If parts of the apple are still purple, draw additional lines as necessary to mark
them as areas to keep, until all of the apple appears in its original color, with the
background marked in purple. Now you will make the changes to the photo
permanent, and remove the background from it.
10. In the Close group, click the Keep Changes button. The background is removed
from the photo, leaving only the image of the apple, as shown in Figure 4-29.
Figure 4-29
Apple with background removed
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