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Performing a Simple Mail Merge
5. In the Available formats list, click the third format from the top, which is the
month, day, year format. Next, you need to make sure the date is inserted as a
content control that updates automatically every time you open the document.
6. Make sure the Update automatically check box is selected, and then click the
OK button. The current date is inserted in the document. At this point it looks like
ordinary text. To see the content control, you have to click the date.
If you use a Date format
that includes the time,
click the Update tab at the
top of the content control,
or press the F9 key to
update the time while the
document is open.
7. Click the date to display the content control. See Figure 4-36. If you closed the
document, and then opened it a day later, the content control would
automatically display the new date.
Figure 4-36
Date content control
the curre nt date
appears here
8. Click anywhere outside the date content control to deselect it.
9. Scroll to the bottom of the letter, replace “Joel Conchola” with your first and last
name, and then save the document as Cover Letter in the Word4\Tutorial folder
included with your Data Files.
Now that you are familiar with the data source, and you have inserted the current date
in the main document, you are ready to begin the mail merge. The Mailings tab contains
all the options you need for performing a mail merge. However, when you’re just getting
started with mail merge, it’s helpful to use the Mail Merge task pane, which walks you
through the process.
To start the mail merge process:
1. Click the Mailings tab, and then click the Start Mail Merge button in the Start
Mail Merge group. The Start Mail Merge menu opens.
2. On the Start Mail Merge menu, click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard . The Mail
Merge task pane opens, displaying the first of six steps related to completing a
mail merge. See Figure 4-37. Your first task is to specify the type of main
document you want to use for the merge.
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