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Inserting Merge Fields
the recipient’s fi rst name, last name, address, and so on, using the More items option
in the Mail Merge task pane. In most cases, though, the Address Block merge fi le is the
simplest option.
Next, you need to insert a merge fi eld that will include each client’s fi rst name in the
To insert the merge field for the salutation:
1. Select and delete [INSERT FIRST NAME FIELD] in the salutation. Remember to
delete the opening and closing brackets. Do not delete the colon.
2. If necessary, insert a space to the left of the colon. The insertion point should be
positioned between the space and the colon.
3. In the Mail Merge task pane, click More items . The Insert Merge Field dialog box
opens. The Fields list shows all the merge fields in the data source. See Figure 4-41.
Note that merge fields cannot contain spaces, so Word replaces any spaces in the
merge field names with underlines. You want to insert the client’s first name into the
main document, so you need to make sure the First_Name merge field is selected.
Figure 4-41
Insert Merge Field dialog box
merge fields
in data source
space in merge field
name replaced with
4. Verify that First_Name is selected, click the Insert button, and then click the Close
button to close the Insert Merge Field dialog box. The First_Name merge field is
inserted in the document at the location of the insertion point. See Figure 4-42.
Figure 4-42
First_Name merge fi eld inserted in document
newly inser ted
merge field
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