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Previewing the Merged Document
Trouble? If you make a mistake and insert the wrong merge field or insert the
correct field in the wrong location, undo the insertion and then repeat Steps 1
through 4.
5. Save your changes to the main document.
The main document now contains all the necessary merge fi elds, so you’re ready to
merge the main document with the data source. First, however, you should preview the
merged document.
Previewing the Merged Document
When you preview the merged document, you see the main document with the
customized information inserted in place of the merge fi elds. Previewing a merged document
allows you to check for errors or formatting problems before you perform the merge.
To preview the merged document:
1. In the Mail Merge task pane, click Next: Preview your letters . The data for the
first client in the data source (Rhoda Carey) replaces the merge fields in the cover
letter. The top of the task pane indicates which record is currently displayed in the
document. As shown in Figure 4-43, Word’s default paragraph and line spacing
results in too much space between the lines of the address. You can fix this by
adjusting the spacing in the preview letter, just as you would for an ordinary letter.
Trouble? If the address is highlighted with a gray background, the merge field
is selected. Click anywhere in the document outside the address to deselect the
merge field.
Figure 4-43
Previewing the merge document
indicates letter for Recipient 1
is currently displayed
address for the
first record in the
data source
click to return
to previously
displayed letter
line spacing
needs to be
first name for the
first record in the
data source
click to preview letters
for other recipients
2. Select the first two paragraphs of the inside address (the name and the street
address). Even though you only selected the first two paragraphs of the inside
address, all three paragraphs of the address are highlighted in gray, indicating
that they are fields and not ordinary text.
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