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Merging the Main Document and Data Source.
3. Click the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button in the
Paragraph group, and then click Remove Space After Paragraph . The spacing
now looks appropriate for an inside address. This formatting change affects all the
letters in the merged document.
4. Preview the rest of the letter to make sure the text and formatting are correct. In
particular, check to make sure that the spacing before and after the first name in
the salutation is correct.
You are ready for the fi nal step—completing the merge.
Merging the Main Document and Data Source
Because your data source consists of fi ve records, merging the main document with the
data source will result in fi ve copies of the letter to fi ve different clients of Shepherd Bay
Medical Center. Each letter will appear on its own page. Keep in mind that mail merges
more often involve hundreds or even thousands of records. As a result, the resulting
document can be extremely long, with one page for every record in the data source.
To complete the mail merge:
1. In the Mail Merge task pane, click Next: Complete the merge . The task pane
displays options related to merging the main document and the data source. You
can use the Print option to have Word print the customized letters immediately,
without displaying them on the screen. This is useful when you are using a data
source with many records. In this case, though, you’ll use the Edit individual
letters option to merge to a new document.
2. Click Edit individual letters in the Mail Merge task pane. The Merge to New
Document dialog box opens. Here, you need to specify which records you want to
include in the merge. You want to include all the records in the data source.
3. Verify that the All option button is selected, click the OK button, and then scroll
as needed to display the entire first letter. Word creates a new document (the
merged document) called Letters1, which contains five pages, one for each record
in the data source. Each letter is separated from the one that follows it by a Next
Page section break. See Figure 4-44. The main document with the merge fields
(Cover Letter) remains open.
Figure 4-44
Newly merged document with customized letters
this letter is for the
first client in the
data source
merged document
contains five pages,
one letter per page
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