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Session 4.2 Quick Check
4. Save the merged document in the Word4\Tutorial folder, using the filename
Merged Cover Letters .
To avoid wasting disk
space, you do not need to
save large merged
documents after printing them.
5. Scroll down and review the five letters. Note the different address and salutation
in each.
6. Close the Merged Cover Letters document. You return to the Cover Letter
7. Save the document and then close it.
Teamwork: Incorporating Work from Team Members
Newsletters often contain articles and graphics from several people, with one person,
the editor, responsible for combining all this material into a single, coherent newsletter.
Likewise, in a mail merge, the data file and the main document often come from two
different sources. For example, a sales representative might supply a data file with names of
potential clients, while a marketing associate might write a letter announcing a new
product. Meanwhile, a sales assistant might be the one charged with merging the data file and
the main document to create the letters that will ultimately be sent out to potential clients.
Dividing up work like this often makes it possible to finish a project far more quickly
than if you had to supply everything yourself. But that’s only true if every member of the
team understands exactly what he or she needs to supply. If you’re the one in charge of
the finished product, it is important to communicate with the team ahead of time to ensure
that you get what you need. Remember to do this by email or in writing, so your team has
something to refer to when they are putting together their contributions. In particular,
specify the following:
• Deadline—State the date you need each person’s contribution.
• Description—Describe the content each person should provide (for example, “a short
article on projected sales for the third quarter” or “a list of new employees”).
• Length—Specify the required word and page count.
• File types—List the acceptable file types for graphics, text, or data.
Clear directions such as these will ensure the document is finished on time, and contains
all the necessary elements.
You have completed a mail merge and generated a merged document. Joel will send
the cover letters out with sample copies of his newsletter.
Session 4.2 Quick Check
1. Name fi ve types of bitmap fi les.
2. Explain how to rotate a graphic using a menu command.
3. How does Word indicate that a particular part of a photo is considered
4. What button allows you to move a graphic to a specifi c location on the page,
wrap text around it, and align it all at once?
5. Name the two types of documents you need in a mail merge.
6. List the steps in the Step By Step Mail Merge wizard.
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