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Review Assignments
Practice the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Addresses.docx, Orange.jpg,
Eating.docx, and Nutrition.docx
The Nutrition Department of the Shepherd Bay Medical Center has asked Joel to create
another newsletter. This one will provide information and encouragement for Shepherd
Bay clients to eat well. Joel has already written the text and asks you to transform it into a
professional-looking newsletter. He also asks you to create an accompanying cover letter
using Word’s mail merge feature. Complete the following steps:
1. Open the fi le Eating from the Word4\Review folder included with your Data Files,
then save the document as Eating Well in the same folder.
2. In the last paragraph, replace “STUDENT NAME” with your fi rst and last name.
3. Format everything in the newsletter except the paragraph containing the text
“Shepherd Bay Medical Center” in two columns.
4. Create a drop cap in the fi rst paragraph under each Heading 2 heading.
5. In the paragraph below the heading “Eating Well in a Busy World,” insert a
registered trademark symbol after “20 Fast Food Friends.”
6. At the top of the document, create the headline Healthy Food using WordArt. In the
WordArt Gallery, choose the middle style in the bottom row (Fill – Red, Accent 2,
Matte Bevel).
7. Change the font size of the WordArt text to 48 points.
8. Apply the Top and Bottom text wrap style to the WordArt text box and then center
the WordArt over the document text.
9. Change the text fi ll color to Orange, Accent 6, Darker 25%.
10. Apply the Wave 1 transform effect to the WordArt text, enlarge it by changing the
width setting to 6 inches, and then drag the WordArt text box to center it again over
the document text.
11. In the paragraph below the heading “Eating Well in a Busy World,” click at the
beginning of the line that starts “in a busy world….”
12. On your computer, fi nd a blue and black clip art illustration of a business woman
(the woman is running with a cell phone in her hand), and then insert the clip art at
the insertion point.
13. Resize the clip art so it is approximately 1.5 inches square.
14. Crop the clip art on the left to remove the satellite dish, then crop the clip art to an
oval shape and add a simple blue border.
15. Use the Position button to wrap text around the graphic, and position it in the
middle of the left margin.
16. In the paragraph under the heading “Fresh is Better,” click at the beginning of the
line that begins “conditions. Experts suggest…” and insert the photo named Orange
from the Word4\Review folder included with your Data Files.
17. Rotate the photo so the orange is upright, with the stem end on top, and then size it
so it is 1-inch wide.
18. Remove the brown background, retaining only the image of the orange.
19. Add a shadow to the orange using the Drop Shadow Rectangle picture style, and
then position and align it along the right margin, below the “Fresh is Better” heading,
with Tight text wrapping.
20. Balance the columns.
21. Add a border around the page using the border style with three thin lines, and
specify the border placement should be measured from the edge of text. Adjust the
position of the graphics as necessary.
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