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22. Preview, save, and close the newsletter. Submit the fi nished documents to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
23. Open the fi le Nutrition located in the Word4\Review folder, replace “Joel
Conchola” at the end of the letter with your name, and then save the document as
Nutrition Letter in the same folder.
24. Insert the current date as a content control, using the format February 26, 2013.
25. Merge the Nutrition Cover Letter document with the Addresses fi le found in the
Word4\Review folder. Use the Address Block merge fi eld for the inside address.
Also, include a merge fi eld that will insert the customer’s fi rst name in the salutation.
Preview the merged letters and make any necessary changes before completing the
merge. Remember to adjust the spacing for the inside address.
26. Save the merged document as Merged Nutrition Letters and close it. Save your
changes to the main document and close it. Close the task pane if necessary.
27. Submit the fi nished documents to your instructor, either in printed or electronic
form, as requested.
If you have a SAM 2010 user profile, your instructor may have assigned an
autogradable version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at to download the instructions and start files.
Case Problem 1
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Audio.docx, Sunfl ower.jpg
Florentina, Arizona, Public Library Michaela Novoa is the director of the Florentina,
Arizona, Public Library. She and her staff have developed a new program that makes it
possible for library patrons to download audio books over the Web via a service called
Sunfl ower Audio. Michaela has written the text of a newsletter explaining the Sunfl ower
Audio system. She asks you to fi nalize the newsletter. Complete the following steps:
1. Open the fi le Audio located in the Word4\Case1 folder included with your Data Files.
2. At the end of the document, replace “STUDENT NAME” with your fi rst and last
name. Save the document as Sunfl ower Audio in the same folder.
3. At the top of the document, create the WordArt headline Downloading Sunfl ower
Books attached to a new, blank paragraph. In the WordArt Gallery, choose the third
style from the left, in the second row from the bottom (Fill – Orange, Accent 2,
Warm Matte Bevel).
4. Set the text wrapping style to Top and Bottom.
5. Resize the WordArt text box so it is just wide enough and tall enough to allow the
WordArt text to fi t on a single line. Center the WordArt text at the top of the page, a
suitable distance from the top margin.
6. Apply the Chevron Up transform effect, and change the width of the WordArt text
box to 6.7 inches.
7. Format all the text below “Florentina, Arizona, Public Library” in two columns, with
a line between them.
8. On your computer, fi nd clip art related to computers, and then locate the image of
the man in a brown suit typing on a keyboard.
9. Insert the clip art of the man in the paragraph under the heading “HOW DO I
10. Resize the clip art so that it is 1.5 inches wide.
11. Apply Square text wrapping. Position and align the clip art on the right border, near
the middle of the paragraph.
12. In the fi rst paragraph in the left column, insert the photo named Sunfl ower from the
Word4\Case1 folder included with your Data Files.
13. Rotate the photo 90° to the right.
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