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Case Problems
1. Open the fi le Hill located in the Word4\Case3 folder included with your Data Files,
and then save it as Hill Star Brochure in the same folder. This document contains a
graphic of a cow. Because no text wrapping has been applied, it is an inline graphic.
You want it to remain an inline graphic, because you want it to move with text.
2. On the second page, replace “STUDENT NAME” with your fi rst and last name.
3. Format the entire document in three columns of equal width. Do not include a
vertical line between columns. Ignore the page break at the bottom of page 1.
4. Insert a column break at the beginning of the heading “Become a Member!” Insert
another column break before the heading “Advantages of Membership.” On the
second page, insert a column break in the fi rst paragraph. When you are fi nished, the
document should consist of two pages, with the cow graphic and the co-op address
in the middle of the second page.
5. Copy the cow graphic to the Clipboard, and then paste it on page 1, just before the
heading “Become a Member!” Insert two blank paragraphs before the “Become a
Member!” heading to separate the heading from the cow graphic. The middle
column of the fi rst page now contains the cow graphic, with the heading “Become a
Member!” below, followed by two paragraphs of text.
6. On page 2, create a WordArt headline that reads “JOIN NOW” (all upper case)
using the WordArt style in the fourth row from the top, second column from the right
(Gradient Fill – Indigo, Accent 1, Outline – White).
7. In the Text group of the Drawing Tools Format tab, use the Text Direction button
to arrange the WordArt so you have to start reading at the bottom of the WordArt
text box.
8. Position the WordArt text box in the middle of the fi rst column on page 2, change
the text box height to 5.5 inches, change its width to 2 inches, and then change the
font for the WordArt text to 72 points. Adjust the position of the WordArt text box as
necessary to center it horizontally and vertically in the left column of page 2.
9. Copy the WordArt text box to the Clipboard, click anywhere on page 2, paste the
WordArt text box at the insertion point, and then drag the text box to position it in
the right column on page 2.
10. Select the newly pasted WordArt text, change the text to HILL STAR , then adjust the
size and position of the WordArt text box so the WordArt text is centered in the right
column. When you are fi nished, page 2 should consist of the JOIN NOW WordArt in
the left column, the cow graphic and address information in the middle column, and
the HILL STAR WordArt in the right column.
11. Click the Page Layout tab, and then, in the Page Setup group, click the Dialog Box
Launcher. In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Layout tab, click the Vertical
alignment arrow, click Center, and then click the OK button. This centers the text
vertically on the page (between the top and bottom margins) and ensures that the
brochure will look right when folded. Save your work.
12. To print the brochure, you need to print the fi rst page and then print the second page
on the reverse side. “JOIN NOW” should print on the reverse side of the list of
member benefi ts; likewise, “HILL STAR” should print on the reverse side of the “Welcome
to Hill Star” text. Whether you should place the printed page upside down or
rightside up depends on your printer. You may have to print a few test pages until you get
it right. When you fi nish, you should be able to turn page 1 (the page with the
heading “Welcome to Hill Star”) face up, and then fold it inward in thirds, along the two
column borders. Fold the brochure, so that the “HILL STAR” column lies on top.
13. Save your work, submit the fi nished documents to your instructor, either in printed
or electronic form, as requested, and then close any open fi les.
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