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Create and use
the table shown
in Figure 4-46,
to complete a
mail merge.
Case Problem 4
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Internship Search Cover Letters You’re ready to start looking for an internship, and you
plan to use Word to create customized cover letters to accompany your resume. You’ve
decided to use mail merge to customize the letters. You’ll start by creating the table
shown in Figure 4-46 and fi lling it with address information for potential internship
sponsors. Then you’ll create a cover letter to use as a main document, and customize it by
inserting the appropriate mail merge fi elds. Complete the following:
1. Open a new, blank document, and then save it as Intern Data in the Word4\Case4
folder included with your Data Files.
2. Create the table shown in Figure 4-46, and then enter information for three potential
internship sponsors. The information can be real or fi ctitious. For the First Name and
Last Name columns, use a fi ctitious name for an appropriate contact at each
company. Use Ms. or Mr. for the Title fi eld. Note that the Title fi eld has to be the column
on the far right, or the Address Block merge fi eld won’t work correctly. (The Address
Block merge fi eld assumes the fi rst seven columns on the left are the fi elds you want
to include in the address.) Save your work and close the document.
Figure 4-46
Table structure for data source
3. Open a new, blank document and save it as Intern Letter in the Word4\Case4 folder.
4. Create a cover letter that introduces yourself and describes your experience and
education. Instead of an inside address, include the placeholder text [INSIDE
ADDRESS] . For the salutation, use Dear [TITLE] [LAST NAME] . Refer the reader to
your resume (even if you don’t have one) for more information. Use a proper
business letter style for your cover letter. Include a sentence in the cover letter that
mentions the company name. Use the placeholder [COMPANY NAME] to remind you to
insert the appropriate merge fi eld later.
5. Save the letter, and then open the Mail Merge task pane and follow the steps
outlined in it. Use the Intern Letter document as the main document, and select the
Intern Data fi le as the data source.
6. Use the Address block merge fi eld for the inside address (in the “Joshua Randall Jr.”
format), and verify that the Insert company name check box is selected in the Insert
Address Block dialog box. Adjust the paragraph and line spacing for the paragraph
containing the Address Block merge fi eld to remove paragraph spacing from the fi rst
three paragraphs of the inside address.
7. Add a merge fi eld for the title and the last name in the salutation of the letter, and
add a merge fi eld to replace the company name placeholder text in the body of the
letter. Save your changes to the main document before completing the merge.
8. Preview your letters and then complete the merge (choosing the Edit
individual letters option). Save the merged document as Merged Intern Letters in the
Word4\Case4 folder, close all open documents, and close the Mail Merge task pane.
9. Open a new, blank document, and then save it as Intern Envelopes in the
Word4\Case4 folder.
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