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10. Open the Mail Merge task pane, click the Envelopes option button under Select
document type, and then click Next: Starting document. Click Envelope options, and
then click the OK button in the Envelope Options dialog box to select the default
settings. The document layout changes to resemble a business size envelope.
11. Continue with the steps in the Mail Merge task pane, selecting the Intern Data fi le as
the data source.
12. Click Next: Arrange your envelope, and notice that the insertion point is positioned
in the return address, ready for you to begin typing. Type your name and address as
the return address. Click the paragraph mark in the center of the document and insert
an Address block merge fi eld in the “Joshua Randall Jr.” format. You do not have to
adjust the paragraph or line spacing for the Address block fi eld for an envelope. Save
your work.
13. Preview the envelopes, and complete the merge (choosing the Edit individual
envelopes option). Don’t worry about the section break that appears after the return
address; the envelopes will print correctly. Save the merged document as Merged
Intern Envelopes in the Word4\Case4 folder. Close the Mail Merge task pane and
save your changes to the main document.
14. Submit the fi nished documents to your instructor, either in printed or electronic
form, as requested, and then close any open fi les.
SAM: Skills Assessment Manager
For current SAM information, including versions and content details, visit SAM Central If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to (
hands-on instruction, practice, and assessment of the skills covered in this tutorial. Since
various versions of SAM are supported throughtout the life of this text, check with your
instructor for the correct instructions and URL/Web site for accessing assignments.
Cover Letter.docx
Health Newsletter.docx
Merged Cover Letters.docx
Eating Well.docx
Merged Nutrition Letters.docx
Nutrition Letter.docx
Sunfl ower Audio.docx
Flannery Newsletter.docx
Hill Star Brochure.docx
Intern Data.docx
Intern Envelopes.docx
Intern Letter.docx
Merged Intern Envelopes.docx
Merged Intern Letters.docx
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