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ProSkills Exercise: Written Communication
replace the placeholder text with your own information. If a template includes a
sample picture, you can replace the picture with your own photo fi le.
4. After creating your resume, be sure to proof it for any errors, and revise it for proper
tone and clear and succinct content. If possible, ask a classmate or a family member
to read it over and provide constructive feedback.
5. Create a cover letter to accompany your resume. Where appropriate, insert
placeholders for merge fi elds. Make sure that your letter clearly states your purpose, and
that the letter is written succinctly. When reviewing your cover letter and revising it,
make sure your writing is professional, and uses an appropriate tone.
6. Perform a mail merge, using your cover letter as the main document and the table
you created in Step 2 as the data source. Save the merged document.
7. Perform a second mail merge to create the envelopes for your cover letter and
resume. In the fi rst step of the Mail Merge task pane, click the Envelopes option
button. In the second step, click Envelope options, and then click the OK button to
accept the default envelope settings. Continue following the steps in the Mail Merge
task pane. Save the merged document.
8. Review all your documents carefully in Print Preview, then submit the fi nished
documents to your instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
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