Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
Excel stores spreadsheets in
files called workbooks . The
contents of a workbook are
shown in a workbook window.
The Nam e box displays the
cell reference of the active cell.
The Select All button is
used to select all of the cells
in the active worksheet.
The form ula bar
displays the value
or formula entered
in the active cell.
The row headings are the
numbers along the left side
of the worksheet window
that identify t he different
rows in the w orksheet. You
click a row he ading to select
the entire wor ksheet row.
A workbook is made up of
individual sheets . Each sheet is
identified by a sheet name,
which appears i n the sheet tab .
The sheet tab scrolling
buttons scroll the list of
sheet tabs in t he worksheet.
The sheet currently displayed
in the workbook window is the
active sheet ; its sheet tab is white.
The other sheets in the workbook
are not visible. The sheet tabs for
these inactive sheets are gray.
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