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Entering Text, Numbers, and Dates
The text you entered in cell A1 is so long that it appears to fl ow into cells B1 and C1.
The same is true for the text you entered in cells B3 and B5. Any text you enter in a cell that
doesn’t fi t within that cell covers the adjacent cells to the right as long as they are empty. If
the adjacent cells contain text or data, only the text that fi ts into the cell is displayed. The
rest of the text entry is hidden, or truncated , from the view. The text itself is not affected.
The complete text is still entered in the cell; it’s just not displayed. To display all of the text,
you must increase the cell’s width, which you’ll learn how to do in the next session.
Next, you’ll enter the RipCity Digital customer orders. As shown in Figure 1-5, the
orders will contain the name and address of each customer, the order date, the number
of DVDs created from the customer’s home videos, and the price per DVD. Amanda’s
price per DVD decreases for larger orders.
Figure 1-5
Customer orders
Price per DVD
402 Elm St.
Merrill, MI 48637
1025 Drake Ave.
Exeter, NH 03833
Dr. Lilla
5 North Ln.
Oswego, NY 13126
24 Mountain Dr.
Auburn, ME 04210
You’ll enter this data in the Sheet2 worksheet.
To enter the text labels and customer names:
1. Click the Sheet2 sheet tab. Sheet2 becomes the active worksheet. You’ll enter the
column labels in cells A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, and F1.
2. Type Last in cell A1, and then press the Tab key. The label is entered in cell A1
and the active cell moves to cell B1.
3. Type First in cell B1, and then press the Tab key. The label is entered in cell B1
and the active cell moves to cell C1.
4. Type Address in cell C1, and then press the Tab key.
5. Type Date in cell D1, and then press the Tab key.
6. Type DVDs in cell E1, press the Tab key, and then type Price per DVD in cell F1.
You’ve typed all the labels for the customer orders.
7. Press the Enter key. The active cell moves to cell A2, the start of the next row
where you want to begin entering the customer data.
8. Type Dawes in cell A2, press the Tab key, type Gregory in cell B2, and then press
the Tab key. You’ve entered the first customer’s name and moved the active cell
to cell C2. Figure 1-6 shows the text you’ve entered so far.
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