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Entering Numbers
International Date Formats
As business transactions become more international in scope, you may need to adopt
international standards for expressing dates, times, and currency values in your
workbooks. For example, a worksheet cell might contain 06/05/12. This format could
represent any of the following dates:
• The 5 th of June, 2012
• The 6 th of May, 2012
• The 12 th of May, 2006
The date depends on which country the workbook has been designed for. You can
avoid this problem by entering the full date as in the example June 5, 2012. However,
this will not work with documents written in foreign languages such as Japanese that use
different character symbols.
To solve this problem, many international businesses adopt ISO (International
Organization for Standardization) dates in the format yyyy dd, where yyyy is the
four-digit year value, mm is the two-digit month value, and dd is the two-digit day
value. So, a date such as June 5, 2012 is entered as 2012/06/05. If you choose to use this
international date format, make sure that people using your workbook understand this
format so they do not misinterpret the dates. You can include information about the date
format in the documentation sheet.
Entering Numbers
In Excel, numbers can be integers such as 378, decimals such as 1.95, or negatives such
as −5.2. In the case of currency and percentages, you can include the currency symbol
and percent sign when you enter the value. Excel treats a currency value such as $87.25
as the number 87.25, and a percentage such as 95% as the decimal 0.95. Currency and
percentages, like dates, are formatted in a convenient way for you to read. Excel
rightaligns numbers within each cell.
You’ll complete the information for Gregory Dawes’s order by entering the number of
DVDs Amanda created for him and the price she charged him for each DVD.
If a number exceeds its
cell size, you see ######
for the truncated numeric
value. You can display the
entire number by
increasing the column width.
To enter numbers for the first customer order:
1. Type in cell E2, and then press the Tab key. The order quantity for Gregory 7
Dawes is entered and the active cell is cell F2.
2. Type $17.29 in cell F2, and then press the Enter key. The currency value is
entered in cell F2. Note that Excel enters the number 17.29 in the cell and formats
it as currency.
3. Click cell , which is where you want to enter the information for the next A3
tomer. See Figure 1-8.
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