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Entering Numbers
Figure 1-8
First customer order data
numbers are
within the cell
numeric value
formatted as
You’ve completed the data entry for Amanda’s fi rst customer. You still need to enter
the data for three more customers into the worksheet. You’ll use the same techniques you
used to enter Gregory Dawes’s order to enter their data.
To enter the remaining customer order data:
1. Type Garcia in cell A3, press the Tab key, type Susan in cell B3, and then press
the Tab key. The second customer name is entered.
2. Type 1025 Drake Ave. in cell C3, press the Alt+Enter keys, type Exeter, NH
03833 on the next line, and then press the Tab key. The second customer’s
address is entered in the cell on two lines.
3. Type 3/14/2013 in cell D3, press the Tab key, type in cell E3, press the Tab 25
key, type $15.79 in cell F3, and then press the Enter key. The rest of the second
customer’s data is entered.
4. Enter the following data for the remaining two customers in rows 4 and 5,
making sure that you press the Alt+Enter keys to enter the addresses on two lines.
Because column C is not wide enough to display the entire address text, it wraps
within the cell and the zip code may be hidden. You’ll correct this shortly. See
Figure 1-9.
Torbet, Dr. Lilla
5 North Ln.
Oswego, NY 13126
3/17/2013, 32, $12.99
Rhoden, Tony
24 Mountain Dr.
Auburn, ME 04210
3/24/2013, 20, $15.79
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