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Working with Columns and Rows
text diffi cult to read. Other times, long cell content might be truncated, hiding text or
numeric values from the user. To make the cell content easier to read, you can resize the
columns and rows in the worksheet.
Column widths are expressed in terms of the number of characters the column can
contain. The default column width is 8.43 standard-sized characters. This means that, in
general, you can type eight characters in a cell before that entry is truncated, overlaps
the adjacent cell, or is wrapped to a new line within the cell. If the font size of the text in
the cell is reduced, you can insert more characters within the cell.
Column widths are also expressed in terms of pixels. A pixel is a single point on a
computer monitor or printout. A column width of 8.43 characters equals 64 pixels.
Setting Column Widths
Pixel size is based on screen resolution. As a result, cell contents that look fine on one
screen might be truncated when viewed on a screen with different resolution. If you work
on multiple computers or share your workbooks with others, you should set column widths
based on the maximum number of characters you want to display in the cells rather than
pixel size. This ensures that everyone sees the cell contents the way you intended.
You will increase the width of the Address column to allow the addresses to appear on
two lines in the cells without additional line wrapping.
To increase the width of column C:
1. Move the pointer over the right border of the column C heading until the pointer
changes to
2. Click and drag to the right until the width of the column heading reaches 20
acters, but do not release the mouse button. The ScreenTip that appears as you
resize the column shows the measurements of the new column width first as the
number of characters and second in parentheses as pixels.
3. Release the mouse button. The width of column C expands to 20 characters and
all the addresses fit on two lines with no extra line wrapping. See Figure 1-10.
Figure 1-10
Increased column width
addresses fit
on two lines
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