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Input and Output
Figure 16
Personal computer pointing devices
scroll wheel
Notebook computers are usually equipped with a touch pad or a pointing stick. See
Figure 17. A touchpad is a touch-sensitive device that you drag your fi nger over to
control the pointer. The buttons are located at the bottom of the touch pad. A pointing stick
is a small device that looks like a pencil eraser embedded among the typing keys that
you push up, left, right, or down to move the pointer. Two buttons equivalent to mouse
buttons are located in front of the spacebar on the keyboard.
Figure 17
Notebook pointing devices
Touch pad
Pointing stick
A touchscreen is a display that while showing you the output, allows you to touch it
with your fi nger or a stylus to input commands. Touchscreens are found on some ATMs,
smartphones, and MP3 players. Tablet PCs use touchscreen technology, and the newest
operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7, supports touchscreens.
A scanner is a device that transfers the content on a piece of paper into memory.
To do this, you place a piece of paper on the glass, a beam of light moves across the
glass, similar to a photocopier, and the image or words on the paper are stored as digital
information. You can scan a document or a photo and save it as an image fi le, or you can
scan a document and have the text “read” by the scanner and saved in a document fi le
for editing later.
Microphones are another type of input device. You can use them to record sound for
certain types of fi les, or, if you have voice-recognition software, you can use them to
input data and commands.
Input devices can be connected to the computer with cables or via a wireless
connection. Wireless input devices connect to the computer using infrared or radio-frequency
technology, similar to a remote control for a television.
The input devices that come with the system advertised in the Visual Overview are an
optical wheel mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and a scanner that is built into the printer.
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