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Inserting a Column or Row
Inserting a Column or Row
• Select the column(s) or row(s) where you want to insert the new column(s) or row(s);
Excel will insert the same number of columns or rows as you select to the left of the
selected columns or above the selected rows.
• In the Cells group on the Home tab, click the Insert button (or right-click a column or
row heading or selected column and row headings, and then click Insert on the
shortcut menu).
You will insert a column for customer phone numbers between the Address column
and the Date column, and then enter the customer phone numbers in the new column.
To insert the new column:
1. Click the column D heading to select the entire column.
2. In the Cells group on the Home tab, click the Insert button. A new column D is
inserted into the worksheet and the rest of the columns shift to the right. The new
column has the same width as column C.
3. Reduce the width of column D to characters. 15
4. Click cell to make it the active cell, type Phone as the label, and then press D1
the Enter key. The new column label is entered in cell D1, and cell D2 becomes
the active cell.
5. Enter the phone numbers in cells D2, D3, D4, and D5, as shown in Figure 1-12,
pressing the Enter key after each entry.
Figure 1-12
New column inserted into the worksheet
new column content
existi ng columns
shifted to the right
inserted column
Amanda neglected to include a customer order. Because the customer was RipCity
Digital’s fi rst customer, Amanda wants this order inserted at the top of the list. To add this
new order, you need to insert a new row in the worksheet below the column labels.
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